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Management consultancy as Apco member

Management consultancy as Apco member - Ricci Sergio

Within the field of management consulting for the non-profit sector and for innovative start-ups (also social startups), Sergio Ricci provides management and organization consultancy as a member (n. 2012/0019) of APCO (www.apcoitalia.it), a professional association registered at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development as one of those that may issue a certificate of quality for members pursuant to art. 7 of Law 4/2013. He is required to comply with the Code of Ethics. He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), in line with an international certification recognized by the management institutes of all the ICMCI member countries (www.icmci.org).


These specific management skills, acquired with years of direct experience in the non-profit sector, also allow him to quickly intercept new trends, formulate hypotheses of possible scenarios and develop strategic projects for non-profit organizations in line with their nature, governance, system of values and mission.


For innovative start-ups with a social vocation, targeted strategic development plans are set up, developing ad-hoc models. These also include research funding or grants.


Each non-profit organization and innovative startup (also of a social nature) is assisted in all its complexity, with a view to analyzing and setting up its organizational models, management decisions and areas of specialization. Management advice also includes supporting governing bodies in order to assess the most appropriate behavior for organizations operating even in the most complex situations.


Particular importance is given to analyzing management control, understood as a key tool for guiding the strategic decisions of non-profit organizations and innovative social start-ups. This analysis, not just of the organization as a whole, also relates to specific projects and areas in which the organization operates, with the creation of special models aimed at each type of non-profit organization and innovative start-up, and at the relating case histories.


As an independent professional, Sergio Ricci can be engaged for representation and assistance of the customer to resolve banking and finance disputes out of court at the Banking and Financial Arbitrator established at the branches of the Bank of Italy pursuant to art. 128 Banking Act (Banking Act) and the resolution of the ICRC n. 07/29/2008.



This professional activity is carried out in accordance with and with reference to italian Law no. 4 of 01.14.2013 (O.J. No. 22 of 01.26.2013).


The accounting and tax consultancy ( tributarista) as I.N.T. member

The accounting and tax consultancy ( tributarista) as I.N.T. member - Ricci Sergio

Sergio Ricci, in his further role as tax expert (tributarista), operates on the basis of specific qualifications and experiences acquired (for more information, go to "About Us").

As a result, he provides assistance on tax, accounting and administration issues, with specific reference to all types of non-profit organizations and innovative social start-ups.

Currently, as tax expert, he is duly registered (no. 1971) at the National Tax Consultants Institute www.tributaristi-int.it , a professional association with headquarters in Rome, Via Conca D'Oro n.300, registered at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development among those that may issue the certificate of quality for members (according to art. 7 under the law no.4/2013). As an I.N.T. member, he is required to comply with the Code of Ethics, to update its professional knowledge and to subscribe a special insurance policy. The I.N.T. is a national organization that represents operators and professionals in the tax and accounting field, and has signed official agreements and memoranda of understanding with the Italian Revenue Agency and its regional offices, INPS (National Institute of Social Security), INAIL (National Institute for Insurance) and Equitalia. These documents are available for viewing on the I.N.T. website and can still be requested by sending an e-mail.

In any case, for legal purposes, it should be noted that in Italy Sergio Ricci is:

-        A tax intermediary instructed and authorized for the electronic filing of the tax returns on behalf of taxpayers in accordance with art. 3 paragraph 3 letter. e) of Presidential Decree 322/1998 and with the Finance Ministry Decree of 04.19.2001 (O.J. No. 96 of 04.26.2001)

-        A subject identified to represent and assist taxpayers under the Tax and Financial Authority offices, in accordance with art. 7-quater of Law Decree n. 203/2005 as indicated by the Legislative Decree n. of 12.31.1992. Art. 4 letter i) and with art. 63 of Presidential Decree n. 600/1973

-        A subject identified for the signing of the economic and financial reports of associations, foundations (non-bank and non-lyrical), ecclesiastical bodies and consortia for which the bookkeeping services are carried out, in order to apply payment in installments under Art. 19 of Presidential Decree 602/1973 for amounts equal to or greater than EUR 50,000 owed to Equitalia, in accordance with Equitalia Group Directive n. 5/2012


The professional activity is carried out in accordance with and with reference to the Law no. 4 of 01.14.2013 (O.J. No 22 of 01.26.2013).