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Personal skills - Ricci Sergio

After high school, in 1994 Sergio Ricci graduated in Business Administration from Milan’s Università Bocconi, with Prof. Nando dalla Chiesa as supervisor. The "Laurea in Economia Aziendale" (Degree in Business Administration) complies with the study program prior to Ministerial Decree 270/2004 and it is considered equivalent to the "Lauree Magistrali" ( Master of Science) in the field of study LM-77 Management ( Cert. No. 2014-019236 Università Bocconi).


He later obtained a post-graduate diploma in France at the University of Poincaré Nancy (since 01.01.2012, Université de Lorraine) with a final dissertation on the role of the informal economy in the elderly healthcare system, comparing the Italian and the French systems. An excerpt of this dissertation was published in a French scientific journal (see "Publications" and “Find us on the web"). He also attended additional courses at other universities and training institutions, including the Bocconi University of Milan and the SIOI (the Italian Society for International Organizations).


He started his professional career in 1995, and after an experience in a leading professional firm located in the city of Milan (1995-1998), he worked as manager, director and board member in a company with the role of CFO. (1998-2002). In 1998, he also set up a current business focused on management, administrative, financial and tax planning issues for non-profit organizations and social economy.


Currently, through his own consulting firm, he assists many non-profit organizations in Italy, some of which operate at national level, with particular regard to the areas indicated in the "What we do" section and in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 4 of 01.14.2013. Mr. Ricci provides management and tax consultancy in the non-profit and social economy sectors: ordinary and participatory foundations, voluntary organizations, movements, associations for "social promotion", federations, clubs, amateur sports associations, Onlus, NGOs, religious and ecclesiastical bodies, social enterprises, social and ordinary cooperatives.


Mr. Ricci’s consultancy is aimed at analyzing non-profit organizations and their overall strategic, economic,  administrative and tax management. He also provides management  advice to entities that operate in the arts, culture, film, theater and sports sectors, assisting them with sole reference to and in conjunction with the non-profit sector, as described above.


The services provided also include philanthropy advisoring, intended as a professional activity that directs the choices of donors (individuals, companies or grant-making foundations), based on specialized and scientific criteria, and subsequently assesses how the resources provided are managed by the recipients (non-profit organizations and social economy enterprises).


The firm also specializes in assistance to innovative start-ups, i.e. start-ups with the goal of developing, producing and selling innovative products and services with high technological value. In this area, the firm focuses on "start-ups with a social vocation", i.e. innovative start-ups that operate exclusively in the areas identified by the decree on social enterprises (for publications by Sergio Ricci on these issues, go to "Find us on the web"). 


Among his various mandates in the non-profit sector, Sergio Ricci is also an advisor of CSV Milano (Volunteer Service Center, since 2001), CSV Monza & Brianza, providing specialized assistance to non-profit organizations that are users of said CSV centers. In this role alone, in more than eighteen years of experience, he has examined and followed hundreds of cases for Italian non-profit entities and organizations.


Within the cultural sector, Sergio Ricci has provided consultancy services for the Festival of Italian Cinema in Buenos Aires (www.mi-cine.it/2008).


On request, he also assists social economy enterprises and non-profit organizations in projects concerning the Sustainability Report and the structuring of business models and codes of ethics. On these issues, for many years he ran a column on what was then the largest Italian magazine on the non-profit sector, called “Terzo Settore” and published by Il Sole 24 Ore Group.


Moreover, on request, he also provides assistance to innovative social startups, social economy enterprises and non-profit organizations in the drafting, organization and management of local, national, European and international projects, analyzing legislation on public and private calls for tenders and calls for proposals. On these soft financing issues, he also contributes to one of the main specialist magazines in Italy, "Finanziamenti e Credito" (Novecento Media)  www.finanziamentiecredito.it.


During his professional career, Sergio Ricci has held the following roles:

  • Member of the short-list of consultants for economic and financial issues concerning the spin-off of “Istituto Nazionale Per la Fisica della Materia” (formerly belonging to the Ministry of University and Scientific Research and now part of CNR, the National Research Council);
  • Member of the short-list of consultants for Progetto Impresa (Infrastructure and Management for the creation of university spin-offs) of Consorzio IMPAT (Consortium between the University of Ferrara, ENEA, Tecnopolis Parco Scientifico and Tecnologico Scarl);
  • Member of the Register of Experts of the Trieste Science Park Area for entrepreneurial development and technological innovation projects (Science and Technology Multi-sectorial Park - National Public Research Institute of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research);
  • Member of the register of experts in assistance and enterprise creation of Federcoopesca (National Federation of Fishing Cooperatives);
  • Before 2003, he held the following offices (this is an incomplete list, provided by way of example): Chairman of the Board of Auditors of Associazione Consumatori Utenti (ACU); Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Forum Lombardo del Terzo Settore; Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Coop. Editoriale Etica; Member of the Board of Auditors of Fondazione S. Carlo (charity and assistance body close to the Diocese of Milan); Member of the Board of Directors of the company MAG2 Finance (ethical finance and micro-credit).


For information on additional professional assignments and a portfolio of non-profit clients, email: consulenza@studiosergioricci.com


Please note that the author does not accept responsibility for any operational consequences arising from the use of the publications and information contained in the links above and at present existing on the web in the name of Sergio Ricci, because they may in some cases refer to comments superseded by new legislation, practice or doctrine. Such information and publications, in any case, are not intended to provide professional advice on the topics covered. If professional information is needed, please request information on relevant issues in advance by sending an email to: consulenza@studiosergioricci.com